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Thiruthangal is a town of antiquity and one of the holy places for the Hindus in Tamilnadu. The Oldest settlement here is traceable to 7th century B.C . Ever since its existence, Thiruthangal is known for its name as Thangal.

Thiruthangal was constituted as Third Grade Municipality on 1.10.2004 . It was upgraded as Town Panchayat on 1.9.1966. This town Panchayat was awarded as “Third Grade Municipality ” in the year 2004. The population of the town was 55343 as per 2011 census. (Male-27657, Female-27686). Thiruthangal town area was included within the jurisdiction of the Municipality. Find more information

The Municipal office is situated nearby 0.25 K.m West from the Bus – stop.

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